Sunset in New York


This is a photo my sister took of a sunset in New York City. Her capture fills me with such inspiration and nostalgia, all I want to do is jump on my keyboard and write! It’s as if I can’t seem to get these thoughts out of head and onto my word document fast enough. I live in a Midwestern city now, but most days it doesn’t inspire me the way my old hometown does.

My view is more open spaces and less concrete now, but every time I look at this, I remember what it’s like to be home. There is an energy in New York that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. I am sure sunsets are breathtaking in New Mexico, California, Paris, and Australia (just to name a few places), but New York has a sunset all its own.

As the sun dips below tons of glass and concrete and the lights the city is known for beckon tourists and natives alike, the New York of my childhood comes to life – in my memory and in my imagination.

Nothing inspires me more.

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