Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

My sister reworked this old picture from the VERY early 80’s (possibly even late 70’s) our brother took from our old fire escape on Delancey St in New York City. I know it’s not as clear and perfect as the photos a person can take nowadays with the cheapest camera phone but I still love it. I love all the old cars coming off the bridge, the old stores that no longer exist, and the view of the Williamsburg that is such a part of the New York landscape today as it was back then. We spent so much time on that fire escape, I wonder how we didn’t fall down and die. If anyone saw a kid just hanging out on one today, the cops would be there ordering him or her to get their butt down faster than you can say “Stop & Frisk!” Ahhh…some things change but it’s always fun to get it on film!

Here’s to Throwback Thursday!

Stay inspired!

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday

  1. hey you! I had no idea you posted this — what a great surprise!!!!

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