Wendy Nelson: Reader, Writer and Bookseller at Large

A bookseller's natural habitat!

A bookseller’s natural habitat!

Hello and welcome to my first blog site! I’ve never done this before in my life so go easy on me.

So what do I say about myself?

I’m a born and bred New Yorker that devours all types of fiction: Romance, Paranormal, YA, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, and more. I love it all! I buy too many books and drink way too much coffee (both hazards of working at a bookstore) and I find myself totally enthralled with meeting and talking to other book lovers in this world of ours. Literature unites people in ways most other things can’t — everything from gossiping over the latest J.R. Ward romance and which Black Dagger Brother you’d most likely fall for (mine’s Rhage!) to arguing over whether or not Anne Coulter might really be the Antichrist (this was a customer’s opinion several years ago). You’ll never know what kind of conversation you might get into with people who read.

It’s pretty amazing what the written word can do. It can start a revolution (I’m talking about you Mr. Thomas Paine and your Common Sense!), change the course of history (hello Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom’s Cabin!), or help you find love (my sister found a hot guy once while reading Tolkien’s Silmarillion on a New York City subway – though that might not be the best example considering that relationship crashed and burned). Still, I am continually amazed at the power words have on our society, culture, and civilization.

That being said, I am nowhere near as amazing as the authors above. I don’t have to be — that’s the magic of writing. It doesn’t have to be Vonnegut or Faulkner to be enjoyable (though a good editor never hurt anybody). For myself, I tend to blend many different elements into my writing: dark fantasy, humor, romance, mystery, and even a bit of horror. Some things are too good to choose from so I just throw it all in and save myself the headache of having to make such tough decisions. I consider myself to be a nerd and a romantic at heart (a NERDANTIC!), who obviously has no problem making up my own words whenever the situation calls for it.

Bad Company is my first Young Adult Paranormal Fiction. The story revolves around my fascination with the 7 Deadly Sins as it plays out through the trials of a 17 year old girl named Eliza. She’s a big city girl who’s been shipped off to a small, backwater town and finds herself smackdab in the middle of a showdown between her evil aunt and the demon master she serves. I think there is something almost visceral about the various sins human beings commit, but what if they were something we knowingly bought? Could you resist even if it meant getting what you most desired in the world? Would you care if the price was your immortal soul? Those are the questions Eliza has to deal with as she tries to save herself (and a few others) from eternal damnation. It’s not easy being a teenager – especially not in a small town with cute boys and evil secrets running amuck!

I am also writing two different Adult Romance/Fantasy series entitled: God of My Dreams and my Desmond Files series. Both series feature hot immortals, smart women, and tons of trouble both get into on a regular basis. All my books are available to read for free on Wattpad — though I have recently started to publish my Young Adult fiction on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble (which is a little crazy for me but I’m determined to get it right!).

I try to live by the best piece of advice I ever heard (from my mother no less): “If you wanted things to be about life and death, you should’ve become a doctor. Since you didn’t, no one’s going to die.”

That’s all I’ve got. I live to read, I love to write, and I’m a pretty great bookseller. Maybe one day this perfect storm of literary based talents will transform me into a New York Times Bestselling author. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…fingers crossed!

Hey, we all gotta dream, right?

Book 1 of the Seven Deadly Sins Saga - Book of Lust

Book 1 of the Seven Deadly Sins Saga – Book of Lust

Amazon link for Bad Company:

B&N (Nook) link for Bad Company:

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The North American Indie Author in her Natural Habitat.


The North American Indie Author in her natural habitat: A Barnes and Noble coffeeshop of course! This is me at my own store – where I drink too much coffee, buy books by the pound, and chat with people about everything under the sun. I’ll never become a millionaire doing any of this, but it’s what I love and that’s more than enough for me (at least until someone finds me and actually wants to pay me real money to do it!).

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