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Supernatural Tuesday

Supernatural Tuesday

There are some days when I have so much to do I wonder how I’ll ever get it all done. My calendar becomes a highlight color wheel of must-do’s, appointments, errands, and the like. I stress about getting every little thing done before heading into work — I have to cook, clean, go to the store, pick up kids from school, all while trying to carve out time to write somewhere in between everything. I turn on the TV to listen to some background noise as I fold laundry while cooking and getting a jump on my day when something totally ridiculous and stupidly unfair happens — I hear the dulcet tones of Dean Winchester yelling at someone (or something) on my television screen. It is at this precise moment in time I realize my day is officially shot. I sigh as I go sit on my sofa, drink my coffee and proceed to engage in a three hour long marathon of one of my favorite shows of all time. The chicken burns, my work clothes will be horribly wrinkled, and those dishes will stay in the sink until the next morning but I could care less. Nothing else matters as I succumb to the inevitable pull of the Winchesters as they go around kicking ass, taking names and crying at some point.

Well played Supernatural…well played.


Jensen Ackles

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Book Review: Bad Company by Wendy Nelson

The latest review of Bad Company, my Teen Paranormal Fiction work, currently featured for free on! Bad Company is the first in a 7-part series that tackles each of the Seven Deadly Sins. The first book in the series revolves around the sin of “Lust,” while introducing us to Eliza, a 17-year old girl from New York City sent to live in a small Midwestern town where each of the sins are bought and sold for the price of an immortal soul. At the moment, I am working on the sequel, Bad Influence – Book of Wrath, which is scheduled for completion by the end of August 2013. Bad Company is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble but you can read it for free on Wattpad where it is currently a featured title.

Brinnande Skrift



Summary:  The paranormal horror Bad Company follows tenacious teen Eliza Taylor’s excommunication to her withered but secretive great, great (great, great?) aunt Celeste’s shop in Blackwater Missouri. Ordinary girl Eliza doesn’t just learn her lesson, she discovers a world of untapped sin and demonic contracture hidden behind the storefront facade.

Co-worker and roomie Dante is hot in all senses of the word, and Eliza finds him harder to befriend than cute guy Chase, who charms his way into her heart. Unfortunately for Chase, the Seven Deadly Sins are rife and free at the behest of demon Asher, and poor Chase swallows a heart-full of Lust.

Given that Eliza has trapped her violent and powerful aunt into the Monet painting(you really have to read it), it’s now Eliza’s duty to sort the sins from the souls. First on the list being Chase whom finds himself raging through women in…

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